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Anulowanie inicjowane przez gospodarza w programie Luxe

This article only applies to Luxe reservations booked before November 2, 2023. Reservations booked on or after November 2, 2023 are subject to our Host Cancellation Policy.

Cancel a reservation for a stay

Because cancellations disrupt guests' plans and impact confidence in the Airbnb community, all Luxe hosts are expected to fulfill all confirmed reservations.

As a Luxe host, you will need to contact the designated Trip Designer directly to cancel a previously confirmed booking.

If a host cancels a reservation, the following consequences will apply except as described below. If a host cannot fulfill a reservation for any reason, it is their responsibility (and not the guest’s) to cancel in a timely manner to allow their guest time to adjust their plans.

Cancellation fee

You will be charged a fee if you cancel a confirmed reservation. Typically, we deduct that fee from your first payout after the cancellation. The amount deducted will depend on the terms of your Luxe hosting agreement. The cancellation fee will be waived if you have completed at least 10 consecutive bookings without canceling or in certain other circumstances noted in this article.

Unavailable/blocked calendar

If you cancel a confirmed reservation, your calendar may be blocked, in which case you won't be able to accept another reservation that overlaps with the canceled reservation.

Public review

If you cancel before the day of check-in, an automated review will be posted to your listing's profile indicating that you canceled one of your reservations. These reviews can't be removed, but you may be able to write a public response to clarify why you needed to cancel.

If you cancel on the day of check-in or later, guests can choose to leave a public review on your listing’s profile.

Account suspension and deactivation

If you cancel 3 or more reservations within a year, we may suspend or deactivate your listing.

Cancel a reservation without adverse consequences

Luxe hosts can cancel reservations without adverse consequences in the limited circumstances described in this article. You can never cancel for any reason that violates Airbnb’s Nondiscrimination Policy.

Extenuating circumstances

Hosts can cancel reservations without adverse consequences where they can establish that extenuating circumstances or similar conditions beyond their control prevent completion of the reservation. In determining whether the consequences should be waived, we may consider relevant factors including how timely the Host canceled the reservation after becoming aware they could not host.

Unauthorized parties

Hosts can cancel reservations without adverse consequences where they reasonably believe, and we confirm based on a review of available evidence such as message threads or previous reviews that mention parties, that the guest intends to hold an unauthorized party or event, or otherwise violate our party and event policy.

Instant Book reservations

Hosts can cancel Instant Book reservations without fees or other consequences under certain circumstances. Some examples include:

  • The guest makes it clear they’ll likely break one of the host’s house rules stated on their Luxe listing, like bringing a pet or smoking
  • The listing does not fit the needs of the guest
  • The guest has several unfavorable reviews or a lack of profile information that concerns the host

You will have to contact your Trip Designer to cancel without fees or other consequences. Our team will evaluate the situation to reasonably apply the above exceptions.

Trip Designers are assigned to all Instant Book reservations within 24 hours. If there is a problem with the reservation, contact your assigned Trip Designer.

If you cancel a large number of your Instant Book reservations, you may be required to turn off Instant Book.

Guest-Initiated Cancellations

Guests are able to cancel through the Airbnb Luxe platform as per the cancellation policy listed at the time of booking.

You will receive a standard cancellation notification and the blocked dates in your calendar will be released.

Ensure your listing’s cancellation policies remain accurate.

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