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Odpowiedzialne przyjmowanie gości w Kostaryce

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You can read this article in Spanish or English.

The Airbnb community is incredibly diverse and includes millions of inhabitants of practically all corners of the planet with the commitment of building a world where people of any origin may feel welcome without regard to how far they are from their home. This commitment is based on two fundamental principles that apply to hosts and guests using the Airbnb platform: inclusion and respect.

On this page, you'll find important information you should consider to adopt the best practices and comply with the mandates of the Costa Rican Government.

Such information will help you:

  • Rely on tools that help your guests enjoy their stay to the fullest and have the necessary information for a safe stay; and
  • Have a general vision of the different laws and regulations that may affect you, in addition to your becoming familiar with your obligations.

We recommend hosts to further investigate for themselves because this page may not include all of the information available and shall not be construed as legal or attorney advice, in as far it is not updated in real time; therefore, hosts shall check their sources and make sure that the information provided has not recently changed.

Moreover, you should be aware that the Government of Costa Rica is constantly issuing health and safety guidelines which may include mandatory cleaning protocols and social distancing guidelines.

Registration in the Costa Rican Tourism Board

In compliance with Public Law No. 9742, non-traditional lodging service providers must register with the Costa Rican Tourism Board.

Non-traditional lodging service providers are defined as: “any person or legal entity who, in their own name, on a regular basis and for profit, is engaged in the provision of accommodation services to tourists, whether they are nationals or foreigners, for periods not exceeding one year, nor less than twenty-four hours, whether those accommodations are in homes, apartments, villas, chalets, bungalows, rooms or any other analogous construction that make up a homogeneous and independent whole.”

The Costa Rican Tourism Board has enabled this link to register online.

Cleaning and disinfection

Cleanliness has always been critical to the host community on Airbnb, and we know it's key to ensuring that guests have a great stay. We invite you to learn about our Advanced Cleaning Protocol and the best disinfection tips to offer the cleanest possible environment in homes and common areas, with the understanding that the health and safety of hosts, guests, neighbors and the community in general are ours top priority.

Airbnb Advanced Cleaning Protocol

Our Protocol was developed in collaboration with experts and following the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English).

Download our Cleaning Manual, review it in detail and apply it! Also check out this quick guide and this video with the 5 key steps for cleaning and disinfection in your home.

  1. Prepare the space for cleaning
  2. Clean up dust and dirt
  3. Sanitize with disinfectant
  4. Review your checklists for each room
  5. Fill the products and leave everything ready

We recommend that you share this Cleaning Manual with your guests and neighbors to promote a collective culture of hygiene and health in Costa Rican homes.


We have put together a tax guide* (available in English and Spanish) to help hosts who offer their listings through Airbnb familiarize themselves with their tax obligations.

Tax is a complex subject and your tax obligations will vary depending on your particular circumstances, so we recommend that you research your own tax obligations or consult a tax professional for more specific information.

We want to make it easier to understand your tax obligations as a host on Airbnb, which is why we have partnered with an independent accounting firm to provide this free tax guide that covers general tax information in Costa Rica.

* This information is for informational purposes and should not be considered legal, tax, or advice of any kind. Before making any decisions, please consult with an authorized accountant in Costa Rica. Please remember that the information in this document will not always be updated in real time. Please check each source and make sure the information provided has not changed recently.

Inclusion, accessibility, and diversity

Airbnb's mission is to help create a world where we can all feel like we belong no matter where we travel or where we are. To achieve this, it is necessary that our host community knows and is aware of the diversity that exists around the world and thus, can make them feel welcome and respected regardless of their differences.

Together with the National Council of People with Disabilities of Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network, we are working to ensure a unique experience for all people.

For this reason, our commitment to accessibility is to promote information and transparency so that you can choose the accommodation or experience that best suits your needs.

Equality between women and men

Equal rights between women and men in all areas of daily life is a fundamental right to build just and equitable societies.

Respect for diversity and inclusion manual

Download this manual that Airbnb and Laetus Vitae have made for you.

Other resources and materials

Check out other tools and materials that we have for you in our diversity and accessibility hubs.

Check out the best practices in terms of accessibility through the following webinars developed together with CONAPDIS for the hosts:

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