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Wakacyjny najem w Marmara

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Marmara – najlepiej oceniane pobyty wakacyjne

Goście są jednomyślni: te miejsca na pobyt są wysoko oceniane za lokalizację, czystość i nie tylko.

Pokój prywatny · 2 gości · 1 łóżko · 1 prywatna łazienka

SweetparosSweetparos oferuje dwuosobowy apartament odnowiony w 2020 roku wzbogacony o elementy designu, oddzielne wejście, Wi-Fi, minibar, klimatyzację, wentylator sufitowy, łazienkę w stylu retro z oknem, toaletą, bidetem i prysznicem. Istnieje duży taras (do wyłącznego użytku) z płytą elektryczną, zlewozmywakiem i dużym stołem, gdzie można zrelaksować się podziwiając klasztor Sant 'Antonio lub piękny kościół Sant' Analipsis. Istnieje bezpłatny parking w pobliżu naszego wejścia.

Cały obiekt – apartament · 3 gości · 3 łóżka · 1 łazienka

STUDIO Z WIDOKIEM NA MORZE + prywatny parking, PAROS, GRNowo wybudowany, jednoprzestrzenny Studio 32 m kw., 2 km od spektakularnej piaszczystej plaży, wyjątkowa jakość, tradycyjna architektura, widoki na morze, prywatny parking, ogród, w tradycyjnej wiosce, transport, rynek, spokojna lokalizacja, łatwy dostęp.

Całe piękne mieszkanie w Marmara z Paros
Cały obiekt – apartament · 2 gości · 1 łóżko · 1 łazienka

Całe piękne mieszkanie w Marmara z ParosNowo wybudowany, klasyczny dom cykladowy, położony w małej wiosce Marmara niecałe 6 minut jazdy samochodem od morza! Ciesz się wakacjami w cichej okolicy, idź do lokalnej piekarni i doświadcz autentycznego greckiego życia. W domu znajduje się sypialnia z dwuosobowym łóżkiem, w pełni funkcjonująca kuchnia, salon i łazienka. Dostęp do Internetu, TV i nowa pralka! W pobliżu znajduje się apteka,siłownia i rynek 4 minuty jazdy samochodem. Możesz odwiedzić wiele miejsc w Paros, które pokochasz!

Pobyty wakacyjne w każdym stylu

Znajdź odpowiednią dla siebie ilość miejsca.

  • Domy
  • Hotele
  • Wyjątkowe miejsca na pobyt

Popularne udogodnienia w miejscach na wakacje w: Marmara

  • Kuchnia
  • Wi-Fi
  • Basen
  • Bezpłatny parking na miejscu
  • Klimatyzacja

Marmara – inne świetne pobyty wakacyjne

  1. Dom cykladowy
  2. Village Marpissa
Odnowiona Maisonette w Marpissa 1,5 km od plaży
  1. Cały obiekt – dom mieszkalny
  2. Marpissa Paros
Ukryty klejnot! Butik, wyspiarski styl, dom dla 2 osób.
  1. Dom cykladowy
  2. Paros
Przestronny dom z 3 sypialniami i balkonami
  1. Cały obiekt – apartament
  2. Prodromos
Dom graficzny w scenerii cyklicznej
  1. Dom cykladowy
  2. Marpissa
Tradycyjny Arch House Paros
  1. Cały obiekt – dom mieszkalny
  2. Μάρμαρα
Dom Molosa
  1. Cały obiekt – apartament
  2. Paros
Apartament z widokiem na morze + prywatny parking w Paros
  1. Dom cykladowy
  2. Paros
Laou Paros Traditional Country House
  1. Dom cykladowy
  2. Prodromos
Pokój Skopas Parios
  1. Cały obiekt – dom mieszkalny
  2. Prodromos
Tradycyjny mały wiejski domek(ΑΜΑ00000352766)
  1. Dom cykladowy
  2. Marpissa
  1. Dom cykladowy
  2. Marpissa
Przytulny dom w Marpissa

Najlepsze sposoby spędzania czasu w: Marmara

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Cooking grandmother's recipes
    After having a little aperitif, we are going to create a 6 course menu, including a starter, a salad, one vegetarian main dish, one with seafood, one with meat and a dessert. Of course we can change the menu if you have any food allergy or dislikes (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free). Afterwards, we are going to sit all together and enjoy the fruits of our labor, accompanied by wine and ouzo. In the end I will give you all the recipes from my grandmother. Other things to note Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or dislikes. Also, we can create a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free menu.
    Od Cena:297 zł za osobę
  • Personal Naxos Vacation Photographer
    Whether you are experienced with photoshoots or this will be your first time, this experience is perfectly suitable for you! We'll meet in the center of Naxos town and together we have a walk trough the beautiful alleys of the old town. While we walk to our first stop for the shooting I will tell you the history of this beautiful castle area. All you have to do is be yourself and enjoy the moment. I will take care of capturing you in beautiful, natural and spontaneous ways. Afterwards, while you are enjoying the rest of your trip, I'll edit your pictures. You'll receive the best pictures in a digital format (JPEG). I usually take a lot of pictures so expect at least 30 professionally shot and edited pictures of you in this magical island. Let me be your own personal Photographer and turn your regular photos into super fun experience to take home as a souvenir to be remembered forever!! Of course also tailor made shootings are available
    Od Cena:456 zł za osobę
  • Get to know Ancient Greek Philosophy
    Welcome to my philosophy seminar dear enthusiasts (yes, this is not another guided tour!) While getting to know each other walking around Naoussa , we'll go through 3 main hot topics: 1)Homosexuality in Ancient Greece fully EXPLAINED ✔️ 2)The Democracy of Athens: a duty or a right ❓ 3) Plato & Socrates: the ideas that shaped our world. ◾️ Not another basic tour ◾️ While wandering around Paros, we'll find out: -why did Aristotle believe that EARTH was the universe's center? -romantic poetry reading. -how did the wise Socrates reacted to a young's boy love? - Slaves & Women in Athens democracy: who was it really for? -what is Plato's Republic? Why did he not support democracy? -get ancient book recommendations! Let's have some fun and make this tour about friendship :D ◾️ Single travelers are more than welcomed, since I've been one ◾️ This is a tip-based tour. The showing price is the minimum one, but guests have the chance to pay extra if they deem it worthy of more. However, tipping is not necessary. I am looking forward to welcome you in my world :)
    Od Cena:41 zł za osobę
  • Naoussa's Ancient and Pirate Past
    Tour Itinerary While getting to know each other, we will discover Naoussa's unknown history. Here are some things that this tour will give you insight on: 1) Paros from Neolithic times to classic times 2) Paros as a city-state in the Ancient Greek World 3) The pirate age: Naoussa as a part of the Venice Republic This is not just a typical tour. You will have the chance to discover the historical and lesser known quirks of this picturesque village that tourists tend to be unfamiliar with. This is an intimate tour that will hopefully make you feel more connected to such a stunning and hidden part of Greece. Whilst wandering around the charming alleyways, we will find out: • Why is Naoussa structured as a labyrinth? • Why are houses painted white? • Just how dangerous were pirates? • Was Paros an important city-state in ancient times? • Who was Archilochus, the ancient poet who made his ex-fiancé commit suicide from shame? • What does one of Napoleon's last wishes have to do with Paros? Let's all have a pleasant time full of laid back and friendly conversations while discovering this serene village full of history. Single travellers are more than welcome (I’ve been one myself!) This is a tip-based tour. The showing price is the minimum one, but guests have the chance to pay extra if they deem it worthy of more. However, tipping is not necessary. Other things to note Hi guys, I recommend we on the little bridge which is by the sea near the taxi area. I am looking forward to meet you!
    Od Cena:37 zł za osobę
  • Marble Carving in my Garden
    You will meet me under an olive tree where I will have work tables, blocks of crystalline white marble of Naxos, and a sets of locally forged tools. I will share with you a brief history of marble arts, introduce different types of tools, and discuss the properties of marble and other stones. I will guide you thru the use and the traditional hand carving technique of each tool. You will practice with each tool on a block of marble for a period of time. When you have "mastered" each tool we will proceed to design and create a relief sculpture that you can then take home with you. It can be an Archaic Greek design from one of my templates or and idea that you have brought with you. I will work with you on the approach, process, and execution of the piece. I take my work seriously, but also embrace a fun and relaxed environment in the peaceful settings of our garden. After three hours of immersing yourself with the stone you will have an understanding of traditional carving techniques and process of marble sculpture. Absolutely no experience is necessary even if you are someone who says, "I have no artistic talent", the techniques and skills can be learned. Other things to note To make it easier, I will meet you on the main road just as you reach the village of Eggares from Chora. There is a small intersection where you will find the old s
    Od Cena:265 zł za osobę

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