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Najlepszy przewodnik po najciekawszych parkach, restauracjach, punktach orientacyjnych i miejscach – oczami lokalnych mieszkańców

1. Ibirapuera Park
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
618lokalne rekomendacje
Joao mówi “Sao Paulo's most central park where locals and visitors go for jogging, bycicling, sit around the la...” ·
2. Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand
1578 Av. Paulista
473lokalne rekomendacje
Leticia mówi “Internationally recognised for its collection of European art, considered the finest in Latin Americ...” ·
3. Pão de Açúcar
1933 R. Teodoro Sampaio
191lokalne rekomendacje
Sabrina mówi “Nice selection of local and imported fruits, vegetables, juices and wines. Refrigerated produce, dai...” ·
4. Avenida Paulista
Av. Paulista
300lokalne rekomendacje
Joao mówi “On Sundays this main avenue, equivalent to the 5th avenue in New York, becomes pedestrian and it is ...” ·
5. Fair Benedito Calixto
240 Praça Benedito Calixto
160lokalne rekomendacje
Carolina mówi “Street fair on Saturdays - nice local designer stuff, local food in the heart of the square, chorinh...” ·
6. Municipal Theatre of São Paulo
s/n Praça Ramos De Azevedo
134lokalne rekomendacje
Matheus & Renato
Matheus & Renato mówi “An architectural landmark of São Paulo, very beautiful especially at night when the lights illuminat...” ·
7. Estádio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho
113lokalne rekomendacje
Maria Helena
Maria Helena mówi “The most cozy soccer stadium in Brazil.Very beatifully area. Don't miss a game attendance here neith...” ·
8. Arena Corinthians
98lokalne rekomendacje
Nice mówi “This is where World Cup games will be held. There will be an Express Subway Train that goes non sto...” ·
9. Instituto Tomie Ohtake
88 Rua Coropé
103lokalne rekomendacje
Victor mówi “Modern museum with temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists, the Institute is located in a buil...” ·
10. Sesc Pompeia
93 R. Clélia
105lokalne rekomendacje
Luciana mówi “A place where you'll find nice architecture exhibitions food gigs and all sort of interesting things...” ·
11. Padaria Bella Paulista
354 Rua Haddock Lobo
91lokalne rekomendacje
Renato mówi “The bakery is open 24 hours and is always busy. Besides the famous buffets soups and breakfast, serv...” ·
12. Terraço Itália
344 Av. Ipiranga
83lokalne rekomendacje
Mauricio mówi “You should visit this place. There is a bar on the top and a restaurant one floor lower. You will ha...” ·
13. Famiglia Mancini
81 R. Avanhandava
81lokalne rekomendacje
Vital mówi “Sao Paulo is famous for its fabulous Italian food. This pizzeria is one of the nicest of this city. ...” ·
14. Allianz Parque
1705 Av. Francisco Matarazzo
77lokalne rekomendacje
Daniel mówi “The best multi-use Arena of the world, and the best Stadium of Brazil. Stadium of Palmeiras.” ·
15. Geek.ETC.BR - Conjunto Nacional
2073 Av. Paulista
83lokalne rekomendacje
Thais mówi “The best bookshop in São Paulo. Huge! Take your time... And get some coffee and cake while you br...” ·
16. Vila Madalena
129lokalne rekomendacje
Nice mówi “Vila Madalena is a fun neighborhood where people go at night to bars and happy hour, during the day ...” ·
17. Trianon - Lieutenant Siqueira Campos
949 Rua Peixoto Gomide
120lokalne rekomendacje
Joao mówi “This is a super central 2 block park which conserves the original flora of Sao Paulo city. It is imm...” ·
18. Rua Augusta
R. Augusta
120lokalne rekomendacje
Ricardo mówi “Rua Augusta is a good place also at night to have a drink. Many bars, restaurants. Friday nights are...” ·
19. Rua Oscar Freire
Rua Oscar Freire
123lokalne rekomendacje
Samuel mówi “"According to Excellence Mystery Shopping International the Rua Oscar Freire is the 8th most luxurio...” ·
20. Spot
72 Alameda Min. Rocha Azevedo
71lokalne rekomendacje
Victor mówi “This trendy restaurant is usually very busy at night. The location is superb, right in front a plaza...” ·
21. Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
112 R. Álvares Penteado
78lokalne rekomendacje
Luciano mówi “A historic building with a good cultural centre with better art expo in São Paulo.” ·
22. Ó do Borogodo
21 R. Horácio Lane
65lokalne rekomendacje
Licia mówi “Very small bar with very good brasilian music and dance. My favorite day is on Wednesday, if you get...” ·
23. Bar da Dona Onça
200 Av. Ipiranga
62lokalne rekomendacje
Tiago mówi “This bar and restaurant is awesomely located at the Copan Building and offers delicious Brazilian di...” ·
24. Beco do Batman
R. Gonçalo Afonso
99lokalne rekomendacje
Thatiana mówi “Sao Paulo is famous for its graffitis and Beco do Batman is definitely a pride. The narrow streets h...” ·
25. Rua 25 de Março
Rua 25 de Março
97lokalne rekomendacje
Fabi & Ale
Fabi & Ale mówi “Rua 25 de março, SP (March 25th Street) - Latin America's largest outdoor market” ·
26. São Paulo Museum of Modern Art
s/n° Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
64lokalne rekomendacje
Nissa & Chems
Nissa & Chems mówi “The Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM) is one of the most important cultural institutions in Br...” ·
27. Estadão Bar & Lanches
193 Viaduto Nove de Julho
64lokalne rekomendacje
Tarik mówi “Estadão is the iconic 24/7 boteco of São Paulo where you'll get cold beer, fresh fruit juices, cheap...” ·
28. Le Jazz Brasserie
254 R. dos Pinheiros
54lokalne rekomendacje
Victor mówi “Excellent french bistrot with jazz music in the background. A reservation in advance is highly recom...” ·
29. Casa das Rosas
37 Av. Paulista
65lokalne rekomendacje
Thatiana mówi “Here you can have a nice breakfast, brunch, lunch or snack and still visit for free an old style hou...” ·
30. Football Museum
s/n Praça Charles Miler
53lokalne rekomendacje
Victor mówi “Recommended by some of my guests, this interactive museum is based in Pacaembu Stadium and it's dedi...” ·