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Woodinville – najlepsze sposoby spędzania czasu

Spójrz na miasto w sposób, w jaki widzą go mieszkańcy. Dowiedz się, co warto tu robić i gdzie dobrze zjeść, korzystając z bezcennych wskazówek osób tu mieszkających.

“Just one of many wineries in nearby Woodinville. There are great concerts here in the summer.”
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Point of Interest
“Woodinville has over 100 wineries in just a small area. Arrange for a wine tour or feel free to park and walk. If you like wine, you'll love some of the finest wines of the world right here!”
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“Oh you know, just an expensive dinner and circus show. A splurge night, but of the highest caliber under a real big top.”
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“Literally my favorite restaurant! The steamed clams and shrimp and frites are my go to items on the menu!”
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Bar śniadaniowy
“Humongous cinnamon rolls and know for delicious, large portion breakfast and lunch. ”
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Restauracja nowoamerykańska
“This is a world-class five star restaurant tucked into the fields of Woodinville that offers a truly one of a kind dining experience. The menu is pre fixed and very expensive with all locally grown or sourced ingredients. Their monthly themes will delight you and the 9 course meal will astound you. Considered one of the top restaurants in the United States.”
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“The Commons is a neighborhood gathering place serving a wide range of seasonal comfort food and drinks in an inviting and informal setting.”
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“I love this vineyard. It’s a little less touristy than chateau st. Michelle across the street. Excellent flatbreads and great wines!”
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Restauracja amerykańska
“Located at Willows Lodge, this food establishment offers amazing food and wine pairings ”
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Garden Center
“I LOVE to walk around Molbak's on a Sunday morning. They have a little coffee shop in there, along with gifts and some of the most beautiful plants and flowers you have ever seen! I might be a bit of a garden nerd, but this is truly one of my favorite places. ”
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“A new AMC movie theater, all the show rooms are equipped with recliner seating!!!! ”
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“If you like whiskey, you should definitely give this place a taste test! You won't regret it. ”
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“Fun, lively atmosphere with live music most nights! Also a wine store where you can purchase by the bottle to bring home.”
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Dom handlowy
“Best place to shop for large groups & is en route to the Chalet. Check the web for hours of operation.”
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“We love this restaurant/bar. Very nice patio area with firepit. Located next to Woodinville Whiskey.”
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