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Odkryj, co sprawia, że to miasto jest wyjątkowe. Mogą to być na przykład mało popularne miejsca, które odwiedzisz w towarzystwie lokalnych ekspertów.

“It is a very lovely area in the old city with many bars, restaurants, night clubs..etc ”
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Bath House
“Old nudist bath with saunas. Very popular. Every first Monday of the month it’s queer friendly. Both sections (male - female) are opened up to a one shared area for men, women and everyone else.”
  • Poleca 101 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Malmö's Biggest Park. Very Beautiful Park which has free live music and performances everyday at summer.”
  • Poleca 53 lokalnych gospodarzy
Budynek mieszkalny (apartament/kondominium)
“the tall white twisted building you see as the skyline is situated in a new developed area "västra hamnen" where theres some cafes and restaurants and a good place to jump in the water in summer”
  • Poleca 40 lokalnych gospodarzy
Centrum handlowe
“Large shopping mall with plenty of stores offering everything from groceries, wine, stamps, hamburgers, to a car wash. Bus numer 6 takes you there, right by Malmö Hyllie train station. ”
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Przystanek autobusowy
“Feel like you are in the Middle East. The most multicultural area of Malmö. ”
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“Architectur, bath, ocean meets city, ice cream, coffe and nice walks. Dont miss turning torso.”
  • Poleca 48 lokalnych gospodarzy
Dworzec kolejowy
“Bus station. Also shopping mall Triangeln. From here you can walk the "gågatan" (pedestrian area) down to Gustav Adolfs Torg, Stortorget and end up at the central station. You will get a grip of the city centre. ”
  • Poleca 30 lokalnych gospodarzy
Galeria sztuki
“A smaller gallery in a cool area of Malmö. Really fresh lunch is also served in the same building”
  • Poleca 47 lokalnych gospodarzy
Golf Course
“Wonderful park with playgrounds, cafés, bars, mini golf, entertainment. A fun place for the whole family! :)”
  • Poleca 68 lokalnych gospodarzy
Muzeum sztuki
“This museum is a part of the State-run Moderna museet in Stockholm and has exhibitions featuring both works from the 20th century and interesting contemporary art. ”
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“One of the best restaurants in town - always experimenting with odd cuts of meat that you probably haven't had before mixed with the best of local supplies! Great also for drinks and hanging out later in the evening!”
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“This large park with everything from canals and great garden to a Casino by night. ”
  • Poleca 41 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Along these meandering paths you'll find Malmö's canals, castle, and old windmill, + many other surprises. Perfect for a morning walk or jog.”
  • Poleca 28 lokalnych gospodarzy
History Museum
“Malmöhus or Malmöhus slott är is situated in Slottsholmen Malmö. It was built between 1526 och 1539 and is renaissance castle oldest renaissance castle. The Castle is also a Museum. ”
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“Family friendly beach with lots of easy access to water. Summertime offers many activities for kids and young people such as sports, music and other kinds of fun. ”
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