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Las Vegas – najlepsze sposoby spędzania czasu

Spójrz na miasto w sposób, w jaki widzą go mieszkańcy. Dowiedz się, co warto tu robić i gdzie dobrze zjeść, korzystając z bezcennych wskazówek osób tu mieszkających.

Outlet Mall
“Great place without the costly prices of other malls. They have tons of local and international name brands. There is always a sale to catch!”
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Centrum handlowe
“This square has it all. Club. Bar. Movies. Nightlife. Multiple restaurants. Even a Whole Foods!”
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History Museum
“Get in touch with how it all began in Las Vegas. The roots go as far when Italian Mobsters ruled Las Vegas and Chicago! You might see some current political faces in the court house. Our former city major has a picture there..... fast forward and his wife is our current Major.... of the Goodman Family!”
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Centrum handlowe
“Find fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Michael Kors, Coach, DKNY, Nike, Sketchers, Dress Barn and much more, along with a variety of food courts. Located 3 blocks a nice walking distance away.”
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Centrum handlowe
“Interesting small complex built out of shipping containers that include bars, shopping, and attractions.”
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“Some of the most eye-catching attractions at the Bellagio—a supersize, all-American Italian villa—are the signature dancing fountains. The geysers—more than 1,200 in all—are nestled in the eight-and-a-half acre lake in front of the resort and right on the Strip. Set to music, they erupt every half-hour in the afternoon and every 15 minutes throughout the evening until midnight. Not just free, the aquatic spectacle immortalized in Ocean’s Eleven is truly priceless.”
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“See all the classic neon signs of old Las Vegas. A little piece of Vegas history.”
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Centrum handlowe
“If you need another great shopping experience but without tourist.... this is your place. Great selection of shoppes and department stores. It is outdoors and easy to get around. ”
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“Many different restaurants, movie theater, bowling and of course: gambling, it is a Casino!!”
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Rozrywka ogólna
“The Strip is where you'll find everything from sightseeing by day and the party life by night, with plenty to do in between such as eat and shop. Then when your exhausted from the walking and crowds you can return back to a quiet relaxing environment.”
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“At 1,149 feet, the rotating dome provides a glistening overview of the entire Las Vegas area. Breathtaking and informative. Great food too for prices comparable with restaurants of its class.”
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“Get ready for a treat! Let the fountains at the Bellagio, entertain you with their rhythmic display of choreography, set to a variety of music. Fun for the whole family!”
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Rozrywka ogólna
“This is a four block tourist attraction with an outdoor overhead screen that plays music videos and surrounded by casinos, bars, three live music stages, and so much more!”
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“Interested in taking in some live theater or intimate jazz? Check out what's going on at the Smith Center during your stay.”
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Centrum handlowe
“Very upscale. Right on the Strip. Get your personal shopper to do for your shopping for you. Restaurants, shopping, and yes, there is a fashion show about every 30 minutes. Hey, I don't think there are any slot machines there! A miracle in Vegas. Check closing times. Locals know better than to shop here. You can find anything, but its a bit pricey, but there are the clearance sales!”
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“Th verbena can be found at Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan Resort. More specifically, the 1.5 level Lounge at the bar. It’s not on the menu but the experience that this shocking flower drink gets you will have you talking about it all evening. While it is technically a secret item it also is the most popular drink at the Chandelier Bar. What do they say about loose lips?”
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