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Best things to do in Denver

Muzeum sztuki
“Art lovers rejoice. This is an amazing museum that always has great exhibitions. ”
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Science Museum
“Natural history exhibitions, IMAX and planetarium shows, activities, and lectures that explore the wonders of science, Colorado, Earth, and the universe. Fun for ALL ages. They always have incredible visiting exhibitions. Located within City Park- 15/20min walk, 3 min drive from the house”
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Botanical Garden
“Be sure to stop in during Spring or Summer for some gorgeous gardens in bloom.”
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Muzeum sztuki
“The Museum of Contemporary Art, in Denver, Colorado, was founded in 1996 as the first dedicated home for contemporary art in the city of Denver. A 12 min drive from our house”
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History Museum
“Located just a few blocks from the Lincoln Park Neighborhood in Denver's Golden Triangle, this is a fun, family-friendly interactive museum that highlights the humble beginnings of all things Colorado. ”
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“Titanic woman who grew up poor as dirt, got lucky buying a mountain full of gold, was never accepted into Denver “society,” so she built a huge house on Penn St, to the envy of her society snobs. Margaret Brown is a person to know. And her house still stands as a testament to her power, will, wit and perseverance. I go visit the museum as often as I have guests. I see something new each visit. ”
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Muzeum sztuki
“Located in Denver's Golden Triangle - This museum celebrates one of modern art’s greatest innovators, Clyfford Still who ignited a powerful movement, then chose integrity and principles over celebrity and fortune. Located conveniently just next to Denver's Art Museum! ”
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“ Crappy parking situation, way too crowded. Lots of fun, though!”
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“It's a small museum, but you can spend all day there looking at art from the beginning to the end of the twentieth century.”
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Government Building
“Great tour. Get up early to get in line to make a reservation for the tour. ”
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History Museum
“Located on the the old Lowry Air Force Base, and just next to a fabulous eatery and beer garden, this is a must visit for anyone with an infatuation with military aircraft. ”
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“This garden hosts great views. Between the Japanese-inspired garden and the Arboretum, there is lots to see. Great place to unwind.”
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History Museum
“A pretty cool exhibit not just for classic car fans, but classic planes and trains too! Right by the Denver Coliseum.”
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Science Museum
“I've loved this place since I was a kid... the Hall of Life and the Dinosaur Exhibits are awesome. The Gates Planetarium and/or the i-max usually have something unique. The Museum is on the western-most side of City Park and boasts some epic views off the west. ”
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Muzeum sztuki
“Located in the Santa Fe Arts District, this museum celebrates latino culture and influence that helped shaped the spirit of Colorado. ”
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History Museum
“Big park with meadows and a lake and some woods and occassionally they have cool events here”
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