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Best things to do in Cleveland

“The most popular attraction downtown Cleveland is a museum of rock and roll! Costumes and memorabilia from different artists and eras make this a cool place. ”
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Muzeum sztuki
“This is one of the top 5 comprehensive art museums in the country and the only one offering FREE admission to its permanent collection. A recent remodel and expansion has transformed the space into one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It is very popular but can be peaceful at the same time. ”
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“Located minutes away, Garden guests enjoy delightful surprises, quiet moments, and lots of fun as they explore 10 acres of beautiful outdoor gardens and the 18,000-square-foot Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse. Your Glasshouse adventure takes you into the Costa Rican rainforest full of lush plants, butterflies and birds, as well as to the spiny desert of Madagascar, where prickly plants, out-of-the-ordinary blooms and wonderfully weird plants and animals welcome you. Open all year, the Garden offers guests extra opportunities to celebrate the seasons with special events such as Orchid Mania in February, the Annual Egg Hunt in spring, Gourmets in the Garden through summer, RIPE! Fest in fall”
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History Museum
“You and your children will both love this interesting museum that is very family-friendly and hands on. It is located in the remarkable Oval Wade at University Circle.”
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“The Great Lakes Science Center is a museum and educational facility in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Many of the exhibits document the features of the natural environment in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Wikipedia ”
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“House used in "A Christmas Story" film, now a museum with a replicated interior & film memorabilia.”
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Galeria sztuki
“Special exhibit space affiliated with Cleveland Museum of Art. Admission is free and it's in a fun neighborhood!”
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“A very cool and unique museum. If you have the opportunity, check in out. The museum holds many interesting pieces that tell the history of Northeast Ohio. ”
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“If you are in towns with children this is a great spot to spend an afternoon. ”
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Galeria sztuki
“Galleries and studios are open on third Fridays. Great for a local experience. About a 10-15 minute walk from my house.”
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“Amazing auto and aviation museum! Also has a geneology library - one of only a few in the nation!”
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Galeria sztuki
“Amazing art gallery featuring local and international artists on relevant and intriguing topics. Hosts regular events and workshops too! ”
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Book Store
“The Museum of Contemporary Art: Admission is free every Thursday from 5p-8p, otherwise $15.”
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“Museum displays early doctor offices, displays the development of early diagnostic & surgical instruments, + a large gallery devoted to the history of contraception in America. ”
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