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Alster – najlepsze sposoby spędzania czasu

Spójrz na miasto w sposób, w jaki widzą go mieszkańcy. Dowiedz się, co warto tu robić i gdzie dobrze zjeść, korzystając z bezcennych wskazówek osób tu mieszkających.

“A super location to spend a sunny day at! Only a 15 minutes walk away from my flat :)”
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Music School
“The Alster is Hamburg's second most important river. Have a walk around there. ”
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“Stadtpark is nice to have a walk, and from the roof of planetarium you have a very nice view. Going to the roof is free.”
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“Very good coffee and small snacks or breakfast. Is famous for its fair trade high quality coffee!”
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Miejsce wystawiania sztuk
“Theatre, Concerts, Performance Art - just around the corner and always something interesting showing. ”
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“Huge parc! beautiful to relax with good weather or just a walk and visit of Planetarium”
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Centrum handlowe
“CURRENT Current GENERAL OPENING HOURS Shops: Monday - Saturday 09:30 - 20:00 hrs Market Hall: Monday - Friday 08:30 - 20:00 hrs Saturday 08:00 - 20:00 hrs DIRECTIONS & PARKING VOUCHERS - FAST BACK UP JOB MARKET CHILDREN'S CLUB SHOPPING Shopping ENJOY Enjoy NEWS & EVENTS February 02, 2017 1. FASHION BLOGGER CAFÉ IN THE ALSTERTAL SHOPPING CENTER To the 1st Alstertaler Winterzauber on the Sunday, sold on ... 23 February 2017 - 4 March 2017 FASHION DAYS SPRING + GREAT PROFIT 23.02. Until 04.03.2017 ...”
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“Great cocktail bar - take care: it is a smoking bar (there are quiet some in Hamburg)”
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Przystanek autobusowy
“The main shopping street in my neighbourhood - everything from supermarkets and drug stores to flower shops and pharmacies, to clothing boutiques and homeware stores. ”
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“Museum der Arbeit (Museum of Work) is about 12 min away.It represents the evidence of a dissapearing industrial culture, stories of ordinary people.It's worth visiting for people interested in technic”
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“Beautiful park in the neighbourhood with access to the Alster. You can walk all the way down on the ‘Leinpfad’ to the big Außenalster and will pass beautiful streets and Jugendstil villas.”
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“Perfect place for drinks/snacks​, as well as for a dinner (pizza, burger). Decent food and drinks in a stylish large room industrial like atmosphere. Mo-Th 11AM–12AM Fr-Sat 10AM–1AM Sun 10AM–11PM Happy Hour: 5-7:30pm and 9:30-11pm”
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“A bit posh but good service and drinks. Get a taste of Winterhude - people. ”
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“You can easily rent a boat, kayak or canoe for about 8 euros/hour and explore the Alster​ lake by yourself.”
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“Europe's biggest cemetery and a beautiful park. A great place to take a break from the fast and loud city...”
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“Amazing indoor and outdoor pool(s), hot tubs, spa area and saunas. Great architecture, 101 yrs old building, full of history. Bit pricey but so worth it. Just two metro stops from my apt.”
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