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Jedzenie i restauracje w: 18th arrondissement of Paris

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Ogródek piwny
“A very cool bar with recycled furnitures, ateliers for recreating the things with old materials, and view to the abandoned railway”
  • Poleca 275 lokalnych gospodarzy
Historyczne miejsce
“A big terrace where everyone gathers for drinks. There are some food trucks as well. ”
  • Poleca 284 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Set off for the familiar cobblestone streets of Rue Lepic where the historic Café des Deux Moulins still stands, between flower shops and memories of the curious Amélie Poulain. Though a common ground for film fans and Moulin Rouge tourists, the red booths of the interior café and its traditional French brasserie menu are a must for the experience of coffee-drinking and people-watching at a typical Parisian café. ”
  • Poleca 187 lokalnych gospodarzy
“You can have drink and eat at Les petites gouttes, big terrace, and perfect when the sun is high!”
  • Poleca 188 lokalnych gospodarzy
Niewielka restauracja
“Very conveniently located and spacious. Not my top recommendation but if you smoke, you might enjoy its separate bar/dining area for smokers.”
  • Poleca 139 lokalnych gospodarzy
Restauracja francuska
“Rooftop bar open during afternoons with a breathtaking view of Paris. A 15min walk from the flat.”
  • Poleca 145 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Good pizza, roman style (very thin). Eat there, don't takeaway, it's not good when it's cold :-) ”
  • Poleca 162 lokalnych gospodarzy
Sieć fast-food
“Excellent burgers and Service - arrive 5 mins before opening to get a seat outside”
  • Poleca 113 lokalnych gospodarzy


Ogródek piwny
“A very cool bar with recycled furnitures, ateliers for recreating the things with old materials, and view to the abandoned railway”
  • Poleca 275 lokalnych gospodarzy
“The best coffee around the appartment ! Amazing ! Their scones are very good too ”
  • Poleca 164 lokalnych gospodarzy
Bar Dive
“ambiance post et pro concert, très détendue, lieu très fourni en flyers pour les concerts! The place before and after concerts all around (La cigale, Le divan du monde, L' 2lysée Montmartre). Nice cool place and many music flyers!”
  • Poleca 98 lokalnych gospodarzy
Sieć fast-food
“Open every day, all day, this neighborhood brasserie has a nice menu, friendly staff and excellent cocktails. ”
  • Poleca 91 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Beautiful fashion industrial decorated restaurant with good prices, regarding the great food! Non touristical place :-) Great to eat or to have a drink next the studio.”
  • Poleca 100 lokalnych gospodarzy
“"Concerts and bistro cuisine inspired Anglo-Saxon and American in a simple setting with cellar."”
  • Poleca 79 lokalnych gospodarzy
“A local vegetarian eatery, very nice for lunch even if it's crowded, victime of its own success! Nice for a coffee/tea in the afternoon also :)”
  • Poleca 84 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Au Clair de Lune is an unpretentious, lively bar where the locals like to meet for an aperitif and a gossip. The long happy hour runs from 6pm to 10pm, with pints of Stella for €3.50, Leffe for €4.70 or cocktails for €5. A few old posters, orange poufs and some '70s-style tables escaped the recent renovations. We love the neon pink above the old-fashioned counter, the friendly staff who know all their regular customers by name, the hip clientele and, perhaps most of all, the rock bottom prices.”
  • Poleca 77 lokalnych gospodarzy


“La meilleure boulangerie-pâtisserie du quartier : Une vraie baguette parisienne toujours fraiche et une super sélection de pains, gâteaux & sandwichs de qualité. / The best bakery in the area: A real Parisian baguette always fresh and a great selection of breads, pastries & sandwiches.”
  • Poleca 101 lokalnych gospodarzy
“ very good for berakfast nice walk from the flat crossing sacre coeur and the heart of Montmartre”
  • Poleca 103 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Consistently awarded the prize for best baguette of the year. Who am I to argue with French artisanal admin? ”
  • Poleca 78 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Typical old style Parisien bakery in the old Moulin Rouge neighborhood on your way to Sacré Cœur's basilique funicular, with quite good pâtisserie creations. Some desserts are expensive and some other not much, I recommend to try cacao / orange / figue / walnut bread, croissants aux amandes.”
  • Poleca 59 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Reeeeeaaaaaly nice croissant. Just saying. definitely worth the nice walk through Montmartre. And they do great bread ans pastries also.”
  • Poleca 69 lokalnych gospodarzy
“Very close to the flat. For tasty bread. I like their whole wheat organic bread!”
  • Poleca 41 lokalnych gospodarzy
Sklep ze słodyczami
“Patisserie : "Les meilleures tartes et quiches artisanales du quartier...mais aussi les meilleurs cookies même les américains viennent faire leurs provisions" "the best pie of the district ! but also the best cookies even americans people come for provisions !"”
  • Poleca 48 lokalnych gospodarzy
Bar śniadaniowy
“Le Pain Quotidien is a table d'hote restaurant where you can enjoy healthy recipes around organic leavened bread, at all times of the day: breakfast, lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, aperitif and dinner. The restaurant offers organic and seasonal ingredients as soon as possible. Enjoy a warm and friendly time between colleagues, family or friends by joining us around our common table. Sale on site and take away, privatization and caterer.”
  • Poleca 31 lokalnych gospodarzy