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【Spring Holiday】

4,72(36 recenzji)Szanghaj, Chiny
Cały apartament (gospodarzem jest VXJennieLeeGot)
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【Useful tips】
If you like my home, please save to my favorites.
To get CNY 175 in travel credit for first time registering your airbnb account via the link blow:

The calendar is always kept most updated. For the available nights on the calendar, you may feel free to book directly.
During Nov.2019 International Exhibition period, my home is asked by the police not be able to host foreigners. Sorry for the inconvenience.

【The Space You can use】
This is the entire apartment for your own! There is no space to share with others, and it is your private apartment. It’s clean and bright, full of sunshine. Line 8 ShiGuang Road is within walking distance of 190 meters downstairs. It is located on the fifth floor without elevator.

【Apartment Facilities】
The apartment has a bedroom and a kitchen and a bathroom.
-The bedroom is 15 square meters, south facing.
-24 hours' Free Wifi speed 50M
-2 meters x1.5 meters double bed
-20 cm thick Simmons
-Comfortable pillow
-Bedroom air-conditioner both cooling and heating
-Flat smart TV.

The bedroom has a large closet, bedside cabinet, TV cabinet and fight cabinet;

-The living room is 12 square meters
-Four-seat sofa
-Table and chairs

Bathroom is 5 square meters, very clean.
-24-hour hot shower available.
-hair dryer
-Washing machine

Kitchen is 5 square meters
-Microwave oven
-Hot tap water
-You can use the kitchen for cooking, but please clean it after using.

Many friends would prefer to use their personal towels, so we do not offer any shared towels, disposable toothbrush toothpaste and so on. However, the landlord prepared the shampoo conditioner shower gel for you. In addition, for the girls facial cleanser, lotion mask, shower cap combs and other crush please bring your own. For gentlemen please also bring your own shaving foam and razor. There are a lot of convenience stores downstairs; in case anything missing, you can buy at any time.

Dostęp dla gości
You can use all the room facilities, but do not take away when you check out, please leave to the next friends who stay in the room.
Feel at home in this cozy apartment. However, please leave everything clean and tidy!
Please do not smoke indoor, please kindly stay quiet in the evening, don't disturb the neighbors. In case the landlord received the neighbors complains, we will reluctantly to deduct your deposit.
Maximum stay 2 adults, the party is strictly forbidden. Not suitable for pets. If neighbors complains for more than 2 adults or pets inside, we will reluctantly deduct your deposit RMB 2000.

【Reservation limit】
Due to the security check & smooth communication, we are not able to accept your booking only on behalf of your friends when you do not stay at my home. Thanks for your understanding!

Inne ważne rzeczy
Please read the house manual carefully & follow the house rules.
Let us know roughly the time you are leaving (normal check out is anytime before 12pm).
Housekeeping will be scheduled to arrive at that time. You do not need to wait for them, just leave the keys and turn off all lights and close the doorl!
Please make sure all food is rinsed off dishes and taking the garbage is also appreciated when you are leaving :-)
The apartments have been designed to make a great vacation stay for our guests, and we ask all guests leave the home in the condition as when they came in!
Normal cleaning is to be expected but please help to minimize larger messes! Otherwise for extra cleaning hour, we'll charge you from the deposit. Thank you for your cooperation!
【Useful tips】
If you like my home, please save to my favorites.
To get CNY 175 in travel credit for first time registering your airbnb account via the link blow:

The calendar is always kept most updated. For the available nights on the calendar, you may feel free to book directly.
During Nov.2019 International Exhibition period, my home is asked by the police not…
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Szanghaj, Chiny

It's a quiet neighborhood with local shanghai citizen residence area.
5 min walking to the Metro.8 Gate1
10 min walking to the biggest supermarket Auchan
10 min walking to the GongQing Forest Park, the biggest forest in Shanghai
O2O biking available downstairs.

Gospodarzem jest VXJennieLeeGot

Z nami od: grudzień 2014
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常见问题: Q1: 请问房费还能优惠吗?如何领优惠券? A:如果您尚未注册过airbnb账号,首次注册爱彼迎,通过房主提供的邀请链接获取立减券,若您已有airbnb账号就无法领取。 满一周或者一个月系统会自动计算折扣。谢谢! Q2: 为什么日历显示的价格和我实际订的价格不一样? A:平台智能定价,每天价格都不同,需要预定时输入准确的入住日期和人数后以系统显示的折扣价格为准。谢谢! Q3:请问房源停车方便吗? A: 我家没有固定车位,不能保证小区一定有停车位,可以先到先停或者停在附近商业停车位,停车费用请参考百度地图。 Q4: 请问毛巾牙刷牙膏提供吗? A: 您阅览的是主人自己不住的家,为了环保和卫生,请自带毛巾牙刷牙膏。 Q5: 请问入住的话是自助入住吗? A: 是的,预定付款完成以后需要加房东好友,提供所有入住人身份证的照片页激活实名入住密码。押金手机转账后您将获得一份详细的入住指南。 Q6:请问床品干净吗?我非常在意床铺的卫生。 A: 床品的四件套管家会每客一换,清洗的洗衣液是婴儿专用防过敏消毒洗衣液,尽管放心。 Q7:请问为什么要线下收押金,肯定会退还吗?我非常担心如果线下支付押金导致无法退回的损失。 A: 所有平台的预定,包括但不仅限于Airbnb,入住前押金三百统一手机转账的,退房没有问题的话会原路返回,除非违反房源守则的情况才会导致扣除押金。 Q8:我想订的日期平台上不可选,请问这些灰色的日子能入住吗? A: 平台的日历是动态更新的,显示可以预定的日子就可以住,如果是灰色就代表有别人预定了。 Q9:请问可以线下看房吗? A: 照片是平台的摄影师实地拍摄的,一般不接待提前看房。如果您的预定是长期预定,可以线下约管家带看,管家的带看费用是五十元一次,需要您做出看房决定时支付给管家的,请体恤。 Q10: 请问水电煤都包含在房费中吗? A: 一周以内的短期的预定,水电煤都包含在每日的房费之中,但请节约能源珍惜资源,一周以上的长期预定,水电煤请参考长期住宿的政策。 Q11:请问走到地铁站有多少距离? A: 到地铁站步行五分钟以内,请点开房详情看到小区名字,也可以百度地图搜索您的路线。 Q12:请问有电梯吗? A: 除了复旦假期七楼有电梯之外其他房源都没有电梯。同济假期四楼,公主假期、江湾假期和长海假期五楼,花园假期六楼。如果行李多推荐您预定复旦假期。 Q13:请问房间每天都有打扫换床单吗? A: 并不是这样,在您抵达之前,管家会为您打扫好房间。入住期间默认不包含清洁服务。如果您需要管家每天来打扫,可以每次提前一天预约,管家每次额外上门的费用需要您额外支付。 Q14:请问房间是整租吗?是公寓还是民宅?采光通风朝向怎么样? A: 房子是整租,并不是合租。并非酒店是公寓,邻里都是普通的上海人家。朝南的卧室采光通风都是极好的。 Q15:请问房间有空调吗? 有洗衣机吗?有冰箱吗?有电视机吗?有微波炉吗? A:请仔细阅读房源详情,所有的设施都有详细说明的。谢谢! Q16:请问可以在房源里吃火锅吗?可以自己烧吗? A: 复旦假期,花园假期,长海假期,同济假期,江湾假期都有厨房。因为有火灾的潜在风险,一般不建议在房源内烹饪。如果您需要使用煤气灶的话,需要额外支付一次性开火费二百元。默认价格不包括开火费。公主假期厨房设备已损坏,不能开火。但是为了不影响下一组入住人的入住体验,房源内不能吃火锅。 Q17:请问房源内可以吸烟吗?如果我的朋友和我一起入住非要吸烟怎么办呢? A: 这套房源严禁吸烟的,请确保和您一起入住的朋友严格遵循禁烟的守则。否则可能导致扣押金的情况发生。 Q18:请问小区治安怎么样?我非常在意居住安全。 A: 小区有24小时保安值班,并且小区内和楼道都有无死角的摄像监控设备,近十年来小区没有发生过任何治安案件,确保您的居住安全。 Q19: 如果我的行程不确定怎么办?可以提前给我保留房间吗? A: 请仔细阅读房源的退订政策,确定后再预定。线上未下单预定的话,房主无法线下承诺保留房源,敬请谅解,谢谢! Q20: 请问可以开发票吗?我需要报销的。 A:由于是私人闲置房源分享,并非经营性质的房源,因此房主无法提供发票。若需要报销请预定酒店,谢谢! Q21: 请问最早什么时候入住?我可以延迟退房吗? A: 默认的入住时间是午后二点以后的任意时间。退房时间是退房当天中午十二点之前的任何时间。提早和延迟退房都要取决于前后入住人的时间安排,房主无法承诺您可以提前入住或延迟退房。 Q22: 如果我预订后7天内行程需要提前结束,请问能获得退款吗? A: 对于退款政策请阅读房源退订政策,通常七天内的取消是没有退款的。对于28天以上的长期住宿,退订政策请参考长期住宿的退订政策,谢谢! 以上常见问题对您有没有帮助? 若有未尽疑惑,欢迎给房主留言。
常见问题: Q1: 请问房费还能优惠吗?如何领优惠券? A:如果您尚未注册过airbnb账号,首次注册爱彼迎,通过房主提供的邀请链接获取立减券,若您已有airbnb账号就无法领取。 满一周或者一个月系统会自动计算折扣。谢谢! Q2: 为什么日历显示的价格和我实际订的价格不一样? A:平台智能定价,每天价格都不同,需要预定时输入准确的入住日期和人数后以系统显示…
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The landlord Jennie is a busy office lady working in the multinational company, a frequent traveler. During your stay, we will respond timely on the mobile, but we don't live closely, please carefully keep the key with you.
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  • Wskaźnik aktywności: 100%
  • Czas odpowiedzi: w ciągu godziny
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