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Nepal – wyjątkowe sposoby spędzania czasu

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Nepal – wszystkie zajęcia w pobliżu

Hiking to jamchen Stupas and Chisayni waterfall
Highlights of the day Starting point ; Kapan Ending point : Naryanthan buddhanilkantha Hiking grade : Moderate Duration : 7 hrs Transportation: private Highlights of the day : Jungle walk , Monastery , Stupas , Waterfalls , Buddhanilkantha temple, Nature etc . Chesayni in Kathmandu takes you away from the dust and bustling urban lifestyles at least a day . This is a great hike for beginners and for those looking to get out in nature. From the top one can see panoramic view of Kathmandu valley. Itinerary for the day 7:00am you will be picked by the guide from your hotel or staying place . 7: 30 am we will have breakfast 8:00 am we will start our hiking 12: 00 lunch time 2:00 pm visit to waterfalls and jamchen stupas 3: 00 Visit to Buddhanilkantha temples 4: 000 drop to your place
Dhal Bhat, Momo, Thukpa Cooking Class
I am Esther Rai, I love cooking different foods. since my child i used to spend time with my mom and sister in the kitchen, i used to enjoy watching and engaging with them in whole process of cooking. I feel very happy and joyful when people love eating what i cook. I started my cooking class program since covid-19 as i had to find ways for financial support for my family. Dal Bhat, momo, thukpa are the menu that i teach in my class and i do menu as per guest request. My idea through this class is to give experience of Nepali kitchen and whole experience of preparing food in Nepal. I take guest to market for buying all the ingredient for cooking and interact with local people. Other things to note Culinary experience can be personalized to accommodate vegetarian, Vegan or gluten-free options or food allergies, please communicate when booking. You don't need to bring anything to this experience, everything will be provided for you! Where we will meet: Lumbini Heritage Home Roof Top in Patan. Nagbahal Square 5m walking distance from Patan Durbar Square NOTE: Class takes place rain or shine since the kitchen area is enclosed with floor to ceiling windows to appreciate the view
Blissful mind journey through Sound Healing
Join us for a unique and refreshing sound journey. In the digital age, where our minds are constantly kept busy and bombarded with information, a sound healing session with us will take you to a different dimension and relaxation that your body and mind needs. The session starts with a Himalayan Salt Foot Bath on our Rooftop Garden followed by a short guided mindful breathing inside the studio. Then, the participants lay down and enjoy a variety of blissful sounds. Traditional instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, bells, and tingsha will spark the spiritual side of you, whereas, the modern ones such as steel tongue, and kalimba combined with creatively crafted rainstick, ocean drum, and thunderbox will soak you in your imaginary nature.
Tibetan cultural full day tour
The Tibetan Encounter day tours are a unique opportunity to spend a day in local Tibetan communities in Pokhara, because you will learn about our rich cultural heritage. We run tours seven days a week. Tibetan refugees in Nepal are eager to share their philosophies and ways of life, because of their dedication to preserving their culture. Highlights include: Visiting a monastery, conversing with a Buddhist monk, as well as experiencing their ritual chanting. Enjoying Tibetan food with local families, while hearing about their life and struggles. Meeting a Tibetan doctor and learning about traditional Tibetan medicine. In addition, all our tours include meals, shuttle service to and from hotels, and transportation.
Kayaking half-day on a fewa lake
Kayaking on a few a lake Duration 4 hours Difficulty: Beginner Previous experience: no needed Including : kayak, paddle, personal flotation device and necessary safety equipment, Starting from the lakeside, Paddle around Tal Barahi temple and have a lunch on the other side of the lake and paddle back. I have been teaching Whitewater kayaking over the decades in different areas of the Nepali Rivers, Teaching kayaking is my hobby beside my profession. What do you get out of this trip -How to sit on a kayak -Basic paddling Strokes -safety instructions -General knowledge about Pokhara and it’s people -Good times :)
Folklore and Everyday Life in Ancient Patan
Walk with me through the narrow streets and wide courtyards of ancient Patan to explore how the city has shaped over two thousand years. We will also dive into the urban landscape to see how Newar Buddhism and Tantric Hinduisim continues to shape everyday life in Patan. Our walk explores communal courtyards and squares and also engages community leaders who will share their personal journey in ensuring a equitable urban revival of Patan. Let's go into medieval monasteries and the modern teahouses to make sense of heritage of past and ambitions of future.
Visit Kathamandu's Three Most Fascinating Sites
Kathmandu: Live, Eat, Play! Do Nepal the Way Locals Do! Hint: with a big Namaste smile. Our mission is to show you the secrets of Hindu and Buddhist culture in Kathmandu and not just the temples, but the people who bring them alive every day. This Tour includes Three UNESCO Heritage Sites Boudhanath Stupa The center of the Tibetan refugee community in Nepal. The morning is a great time to see pilgrims circumambulating the stupa. Mini-Adventure: We will stop at the Shechen monastery for a blessing from a monk, a good luck amulet and red thread. ~Mini-Adventure: We will visit a traditional Tibetan doctor to see how Tibetan medicine is made from Himalayan herbs. Pashupatinath Temple This ancient Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to Shiva is not a single temple, but hundreds of temples, an ashram, Vedic college, hospice, and meditation caves. ~ Mini-Adventure: We will visit the funeral Ghats where families honor their deceased loved ones cremating them on the side of the Bagmati River. ~ Mini-Adventure: Visit the old folk’s home and say hi to someone to brighten their day. Bhaktapur This thriving Newari Hindu cultural center is full of festivals, carnivals, potters, artisans, and their famous buffalo milk yogurt! ~ Mini-Adventure: We will visit the Traditional Thangka Painting School and see how this ancient, beautiful and sacred art.
Medieval Gorkha khukuri knife workshop
Insights Make your own gurkha khukuri with from scrap with the help of blacksmith Hand on experience with blacksmith and his workshop Take a khukuri to your home made by yourself More about the workshop Experience The khukuri is the symbol of loyalty and Gurkha warrior, regarded as traditional to all hill tribes of Nepal,also a multipurpose knife can be used for shaping timber to chopping up meat and vegetables. The blade is of tempered steel, slightly curved and exceedingly sharp. The handle is usually of wood or buffalo horn. A nick in the blade close to the handle serves the purpose of preventing blood from reaching the handle and is also symbolic of the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The blade is enclosed in a scabbard of wood and leather. The Khukuri comes in different sizes but for this workshop you will be making a small(6 inch) blade. Take part in creating your own knife.The process implies cutting/hammering a raw piece of iron into the shape of the blade, grinding the blade and making the handle. (note that for safety reasons, the blade grinding will only be done by the host and we advise guests to stay clear of the sparks during this process). Please note that Khukuri making needs a lot of skill and years of experience! To make sure the experience stays safe, there are parts of the process that our host will do for you. The steps in which you
Kathmandu Buddhist and Hindu Temples, Palaces, and Artisans
Kathmandu: Live, Eat, Play! Do Nepal the Way Locals Do! Hint: with a big Namaste smile. Swayambhunath Temple A.K.A The Monkey Temple This is a 2,500 year old pilgrimage site for Buddhist all over the world. Past the monkeys and at the top of the stairs, you will get incredible views of the entire Kathmandu Valley. Patan Palace, Durbar Square & Temples: Patan is the center of Buddhist Newari culture, has the world class Patan Museum next to its durbar square, and is full of artisan workshops. ~ Mini-Adventure: We will visit a statue making workshop to see how sacred statues are made by hand using millennium old techniques. ~ Visit the Healing Bowls Healing Center, a 4th generation Newari maker and receive a healing. Boudhanath Stupa This is one of the biggest stupas in the world and the seat of the Tibetan refugee community in Nepal. Early evening is a beautiful time to see pilgrims circumambulate the stupa. ~ Mini-Adventure: We will stop at a monastery for a blessing from the head monk and also receive a good luck amulet. ~ Mini-Adventure: We will also stop at a traditional Tibetan doctor to see how Tibetan medicine is made from Himalayan flowers.
Helambu Spiritual Hike
Day 1 This hike is designed for hiking lovers with Buddhist meditation and Spirituality in mind. If you love hiking in nature without thinking arm and legs to spend, this is for you. Since I'm an owner operator, it will be cost effective yet the best deal possible for you. Welcome to the Himalayas, your adventure starts when you land at Nepals only international airport TIA in Kathmandu. I will welcome you at the arrivals and take you to my guest house. Our first day in the morning we will be visiting #Boudanath, one of the holiest and biggest Tibetan Buddhist Stupas in the world. After breakfast and brief introduction we start exploring around this town. We will also be briefing about our adventure ahead and make sure you have everything you need to make this trip as comfortable as possible. Today will be also a day to acclimatize and get a feel for what hiking in the Himalayas would be like. For this we will be hiking around town and explore beautiful ancient town of Kathmandu. If you don't have all hiking gears you need, I can show you some of the places you can either rent or buy equipment like poles, gloves, good quality hiking boots, and so on. Later, we can meet meditation teacher and get a first hand lesson on calm abiding meditation techniques. I want you to get some basic experience in meditation and hiking method that you can apply anywhere by the end of our trip. Other things to note A good comfortable hiking shoe, hat, sun glasses, backpack, snack/protein bars, water bottle, rain/ wind jacket and other personal interests like special beverages, etc. Day 2 Second day we ride to Helambu, Tarkegyang and get acclamatize and explore around it. Its about 5 hrs off road ride uphill to Tarkegyang, one of the ethnic villages in Helambu region where we will visit old monasteries and get ready for tomorrow hike. After a homemade Tibetan breakfast there will be off road jeep waiting for us. We will hit the road around 9 am to Timbu. On the way we can have nice view of Melamchim river as well as many ethnic towns and villages, rice fields, trout fish, hydro dam, swinging bridges will be on sight. We stop for local Nepali set meal on the way. Then we ride uphill to Tarkegyang where we will rest for the day, acclimatize and explore around. Other things to note Today we'll mostly riding on a jeep so wear comfortable clothes for bumpy roads. You might wanna keep a small backpack with important stuff with you. You bigger luggage may had to be tied on the roof so it may get dusty and may be difficult to access on the way. Day 3 Third day we start early hike to Yangrima peak, meditate and reflect at this holy site. The 360 view of the Himalayas from the top is breathtaking, literally. We will be hiking early morning and uphill route for 3 to 4 hrs so dress warm and carry a bag pack with water and some snacks for just in case. It's mostly stream water with no tea shops on the way so you'll have to carry your own water. we can spot lots of mountain birds and seasonal flowers on the way. There may also be some yak cottages and herders on the way. Once on the top we may enjoy 360 view of the Himalayas and ruins of old buddhist monuments where we'll pray, meditate and reflect on our spiritual process. I plan to stay here till 1 pm before we start downhill hike to base. Other things to note Today we hike straight uphill for 3 to 4 hrs and after break at the top start downhill hike for 3 hrs so please be ready for that. At the top we'll be at 2700 meters high so if you get headache or if you need medication please bring with you. Day 4 Fourth day we meet with local meditation master, interact and drive back to city, farewell dinner and catch up. Today is an easy day, we start by visiting some meditation masters and do some interaction. After lunch, we ride back to city where we'll catch up and have nice farewell dinner. Other things to note Meeting with mediation master is an option, if you chose not to meet or go into any religious sites, I respect everyones privacy.
Street food tour Kathmandu
We will walk from Thamel towards Indrachowk via spick markets, local shop alleys , Asan chowk(spice market) and several temple for 20 minutes and taste Local Nepali food items Along the way. We will taste Bara(Newari lenti bread with potato and soya) , Yomari( newari desert), samosa, momos and lassi(yoghurt drink). Then we will return different route of old city back to Thamel.
Local food hunt in the old market of Kathmandu
Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Kathmandu with a lovely evening where you will explore the local Nepali cuisine with me at places most loved by locals. Tingle your taste buds with Nepali flavors at hole in the wall eateries and experience the real taste that locals eat regularly. We will begin our food tour at the old market of Indrachowk, moving on to the Kathmandu Durbar Square area that is ever so rich in culture. Now let's gooo !
Hiking to Nagi Nun Monastery Via Tarevir Trail
Shivapuri Nagi Gumba Hike is a short one day hike near to Kathmandu. The hike walks you through Budanilkantha or Kapan and Shivapuri national park for about an hour. However, you need to drive to the bottom of Shivapuri National park for about forty minutes and start trekking. Nagi Gumba is the Buddhist monastery on the top-hill offering you the wide view of Kathmandu City and occasional Lang tang Himalayas view. Hiking to Shivapuri Nagi Gumba is a mild hike best with friends and family to get off from hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. It starts right off the Budanilkantha Temple. 7 Am in the morning, we are going to drive to Budanilkantha. On reaching Budanilkantha, the starting point of the trek and also famous for the NarayShivapuri Nagi Gumba hiking is the best short, easy and memorable trek from Kathmandu that is as equally scenic and rewarding as any other treks in the Himalayan foothills. 7:00 am: Pick up from Hotel and drive to Kapan 8:30: am: Start to Hike from Kapan- Gokarna-Jagdol- Fulbari Gumba - you will have your Breakfast on the way. 11:00 am: Reach Nagi Gumba and enjoy some sightseeing 12:00 PM: hike down and enjoy lunch 01:00 pm: after lunch start to trek down to Gokarna and Drive back to Hotel. Duration: 7-8 hours
Everest Mountain Flight
Everest mountain flight is an amazing experience to see all mountains very closely. You can see Everest, Rowling and Langtang range and mountains of this range. Mount Everest Mountain Flight for the travellers who do have a very short period of time, and not able to go to the mountain due to physical reason. The exciting 1-hour scenic mountain flight offers a great view of Nepal’s mountains, green forest, different landscape and many other things which you can see from the flights. You can see the tallest mountains of Earth such as Mt. Everest, Mt.Makalu, Mt.Choyou, Mt.Nuptse, Mt Lhotse, Mt. baruntse, Mt, Gaurishanker, Mt.Dorje Lakpa, Mt Sisapangba and many other uncountable peaks. You would see more peaks than you go trekking while you do Everest Mountain Flight.
Woodcarving Workshop
Insights Learn the traditional wood carving process from a master wood craftsman who has the experience with the craft for more than three decades. The class will be held at the hosts own workshop and store so you may want to purchase some of his amazing works of art Take Home your own handcrafted personalised memento More about the Experience Wood carving is the most important part of Nepali design culture, where everything from ancient temples, palaces, courtyards to monasteries are all designed with some form of wood craft. The most famous and important aspect of this craft in Kathmandu valley are the window decorations (also called Ankhi Jhyal), if you ever walk around the old parts of the city such as ason, patan and bhaktapur then you will see most of the houses have these most beautiful wooden designs on windows of houses and temples. During the tour we will make our own design in a small wooden piece with the help of our host(craftsman). The worksop starts with sitting on the floor with little practice in the spare side of the block and introduction with the tools. It takes effort and little tiring so we suggest wearing comfortable clothes. The result is amazing and worth the effort made once the product is ready.
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