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Waszyngton, D.C.

Historyczne pomniki, wyjatkowe muzea i zadbane, szacowne dzielnice składają się na obraz stolicy Stanów Zjednoczonych.

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The Washington Metro's 86 stations and more than 100 miles of track help make it the second busiest system in the United States. While the system does have good coverage, it closes at midnight Sunday-Thursday, and at 3 A.M. on Friday-Saturday. If you're a night owl, prepare for some bus rides or a taxi ride, but beware, not all taxis take credit cards.

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The White House, the President, politics, Capitol Hill, US history, American monuments, the National Mall, the Pentagon, Georgetown, suits and ties

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Locals Love

The National Mall, free museums, monuments at midnight, Eastern Market, seeing famous people on the street, jogging along the Potomac, popped collars

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Locals Complain About

Traffic, sweltering summers, snowmageddon winters, ubiquitous interns, people who stand on the left side of the escalator, every conversation beginning with “Where do you work?”