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Palatial relics and fervent pop culture collide in Seoul, a dizzyingly evolving city that dares you to keep up.

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Buses, subways, and high speed trains course through Seoul and connect the city to greater South Korea. Seoul's subway serves over 8 million passengers a day, making it the busiest subway system in the world. When you're in Seoul, we suggest you hop on board with public transit to really travel like a local.

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K-POP, K-drama, shopping, skyscrapers, changing fast, royal palaces, temples, night markets, Korean BBQ with soju, beauty products, all night drinking

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Street markets, street food, street shows, weekend hikes, biking on the Han River, relaxing at Jjimjilbangs, Hongdae hangouts, karaoke, chicken with beer

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Traffic during rush hour, subways during rush hour, rising property prices, everything changing too quickly, trends and fads, hot summers, cold winters