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Gospodarz atrakcji

Organizowanie atrakcji podczas igrzysk olimpijskich Paryż 2024

The Paris region will welcome millions of visitors during the Olympic Games Paris 2024 (from July 26 to August 11) and the Paralympic Games Paris 2024 (from August 28 to September 8). Competitions will be hosted at iconic sites in the heart of the city and beyond.

As a consequence, Paris Police will impose security perimeters around event venues. These will make getting around Paris tougher than usual. Please review the information below to better plan your Experience.

Note: Please make sure to check official sources listed below to confirm that the information provided hasn’t recently changed.

Security perimeters

  • Several security perimeters will be created to regulate traffic around venues. Be aware that these perimeters may change every day.
  • Check out the official government transportation website to understand if your Experience will be impacted by a security perimeter at any particular time. Experiences that include moving around by motorized vehicle may be specially impacted.

Olympic opening ceremony restrictions

The Olympic Opening Ceremony takes place on July 26, 2024 on the Seine in Paris. French police will set up a security perimeter surrounding both banks of the river.

Accessing this zone between July 18—July 26 will require all individuals over the age of 13 to successfully pre-register with the Paris police and obtain a Pass Jeux/QR code. This registration process will take multiple days to complete. Individuals who do not successfully register will not be able to pass police checkpoints and enter the zone.

Please refer to the official map to find out if your Experience is impacted by this perimeter.

Important note: It is solely within the police’s discretion to determine whether an Airbnb Experience reservation is a valid reason to enter the security perimeter.

If your Experience is impacted

We recommend you change your meeting point or itinerary to avoid the security perimeter so both Hosts and Guests can access the Experience meeting point and itinerary. Make sure the changes are reflected on your Experience page and that your existing Guests are informed of the changes.

If you need to cancel any Experience scheduled to occur between July 18 to July 26, follow the cancellation process.

Are you a Stay Host or Guest? Find out more about how security restrictions may impact your stay.

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