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    Na czym polega wcześniejsza wypłata dla gospodarza?

    Early payouts is running as an invite-only pilot for U.S. hosts. The pilot program ended on May 1st, 2019.

    When you enable early payouts, we’ll send 50% of your payout 3 days after a guest books your place and the rest one day after guest check in, for a 1% early payout fee on the booking subtotal. There is no early payout fee for reservations less than 14 days away. For reservations booked more than 4 months in advance, we’ll send the 50% early payout when the check-in date is 120 days away.

    Eligible reservations

    Early payouts will apply to all reservations that are requested and confirmed after you have opted into the early payout service (and prior to May 1, 2019), with the exception of:

    • Long-term reservations (28 nights or longer)
    • Reservations subject to a super strict cancellation policy
    • Reservations involving co-hosts, landlord agreements, or hotel accounts

    If you owe any funds to Airbnb as a result of a refund, alteration, dispute, or otherwise (also called an adjustment on your account), that amount will be deducted from your early payout(s) and standard payout(s) until it is paid in full. If an adjustment on your account reduces an early payout, we'll refund you the 1% early payout fee assessed on the adjustment amount.


    Cancellations will follow the cancellation policy you have set on your listing(s). If you or a guest cancels a booking after you have received an early payout, we’ll deduct any amount due back to Airbnb, including the 1% early payout fee, from your next payout(s).

    Reservation changes

    If a reservation is changed, any adjustments to your payout amount will be reflected in your payout summary. If your reservation was altered down in price after your early payout was sent to you, we’ll deduct the amount you were overpaid from your next scheduled payout(s). If your reservation was altered up in price after your early payout was sent to you, we’ll send an additional early payout for 50% of the booking subtotal increase at time of alteration confirmation.

    Turning off early payouts

    You can turn off early payouts anytime in your Payout Preferences. Opting in or out will only apply to bookings requested after you’ve changed your payout preferences.

    Early payouts after the program ends

    If you opted in to get early payouts and reservations were confirmed between that time and May 1st, 2019, here’s what to expect:

    • You’ll still get early payouts for eligible reservations even if the check-in date is after May 1st
    • For reservations confirmed on or after May 1st, we’ll send payouts the day after check-in
    • You can share your feedback to let us know what you liked, what could’ve gone better, and what you want when it comes to payouts

    You can find more information in the Early Payouts Terms of Service.

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