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    Czym są Atrakcje Airbnb?

    Experiences are one-of-a-kind activities hosted by inspiring local experts. They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in a host’s unique world.

    Online experiences can be hosted from anywhere through video, and in-person experiences are hosted on location.

    For hosts

    Experiences are an opportunity for anyone to share their hobbies, skills, or expertise with the world.

    Every experience is reviewed by Airbnb. To be published, an experience submission must meet Airbnb’s standards and requirements. We look for high-quality experiences led by knowledgeable, hospitable hosts.

    Learn how to create an experience.

    For guests

    You do not need to stay in a home on Airbnb in order to book an experience.

    Experiences last a few hours on average. They can range from workshops to long treks, and are available for various skill levels and interests. Every experience is reviewed by Airbnb to make sure they meet our quality standards. 

    If you’d like to reserve your spot on an experience, learn how to book an experience.

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