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Wolf Encounter

Wolf Encounter

Duration:Ogółem 2 godziny
Includes:Napoje oraz Wyposażenie
Languages:Język: angielski
Ponad 1 900 gości oceniło tę atrakcję na 5 gwiazdek.

O Twoim gospodarzu

I've been the director of Predators of the Heart for over 20 years. Our passion is sharing & saving wildlife! We work in wolf conservation, wildlife education, and exotic rescue. Our refuge is home to wolves, cougars, reptiles, and birds of prey. Our traveling wildlife programs was the biggest in the northwest, some of our wolves have been featured in movies, music movies, videos and more.

O: Predators of the Heart

Predators of the Heart sanctuary is dedicated to wildlife education and conservation! Many of our animals are rescues from the exotic pet trade. Most were abandoned, and needed a forever home to live peacefully. We are also home to one of the largest wolf packs in the Pacific Northwest, and our conservation work with other sanctuaries has been successful all across the country!
To atrakcja charytatywna ; 100% Twojej płatności jest przekazane do Predators of the Heart.

Co będziemy robić

Meet one of the largest wolf packs in the Pacific Northwest! Just 1.5 hours North of Seattle, our wildlife refuge is nestled in 10 forested acres. We will introduce you to our mission and history with wolves. Then, meet our wolf ambassadors, Max and Kakoa, who will escort us through sun-dappled trails in their new 1 1/2 acre run. Old-growth trees tower overhead; the wolves lead you around their…

Co jeszcze musisz wiedzieć?

Please dress appropriately: pants, close-toed shoes, and no leather, furry, feathery, down, puffy, free flowing or dangly jewelry & clothing. No other animals are allowed on premise

Co zapewniam

Beverages and snacks
We offer you beverages and snacks to enjoy through the tour.
Bring your cameras to capture your incredible memories with these amazing animals.

Co ze sobą zabrać?

Please wear long pants
hiking boots or sneakers
NO leather, furry, downy clothes; open-toed sandals; dangly jewelry; sunglasses
NO down/fluffy jackets
NO beanies with puffy balls on top

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783 zł za osobę
783 zł za osobę